Valencia Intramurs-Festival of Street and Urban Art 19–29.10.2017

Valencia Intramurs is a project aimed at promoting the contemporary art embedded within the area enclosed by Valencia’s ancient walls. The historical center of Valencia is an emblematic location, a place that has for centuries been the birthplace of traditions and artists –where all kinds of cultural and social movements coexist– and which has always been known for its tolerant nature and whose bohemian style is still noticeable today. It is the perfect setting for an event that –for a whole weekend– will give an insight into the city’s cultural life. The streets, squares, gardens, workshops and studios, the regenerated spaces, shops, bars and galleries will be filled up with the work of our

NEW PERFORMANCE TURKU Festival Opening: Tomasz Szrama & Performance Voyage 7 in Manilla Tehdas 6

NEW PERFORMANCE TURKU FESTIVAL 6.-8.10.2017 - performance art and other unusual experiences ARTISTS INCLUDE: Rachel Echenberg (CAN) Serge Olivier Fokoua (CAN/CAM) Victoria Stanton (CAN) Scottee (UK) Tomasz Szrama (FIN/PL) Kurt Johannessen (NO) Irma Optimist (FIN) John Court (FIN/UK) Denis Romanovski (SWE) Hiroko Tsuchimoto (SWE/JP) Sandrina Lindgren & Antti Tolvi (SWE/FIN) AKU (FIN/GER) Fake is fabulous inc. (FIN/CH) Ignacio Pérez Pérez (FIN/VE) Maija Hirvanen (FIN) Pilvi Porkola (FIN) Eero Yli-Vakkuri (FIN) Tero Nauha (FIN) Jani Petteri Virta (FIN) + Performance Voyage 7 + ANALCO: Nomadic Screenings of video/performance +Jari Tamminen (Kulttuurihäiriköt) PROGRAMME

©  created by Tomasz Szrama

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