My performance featuring TEAK students @ Myymälä2 15th anniversary party

Holding the House for 15 years anniversary party! The 15th year of the gallery brings about some novelty; Myymälä2 cooperative is celebrating change with a wholly new members and board. The old board members decided to focus on their projects and asked the new board to step in. Consisting of artists and art workers they bring Myymälä2 fresh air and vision through their international background and diverse artistic interests. WELCOME! Programme 17:30 - 19:30 @Myymälä2: Uudenmaankatu 23 F, 00120 Helsinki At 17:30 the party starts in Myymälä2 gallery performances by Tomasz Szrama featuring TEAK students from the Live Art & Performance Studies: Harold Hejazi, Katriina Kettunen, Juan M

Excuisite Corpse - Four Performances as part of Kontula Electronic 20.4.–22.4.2018.

Electronic music will fill the open-air shopping centre of the Kontula district 20.4.–22.4.2018. Over the course of the weekend, Kontula Electronic 2018 will offer a diverse and non-compromising selection of both international and Finnish electronic music artists and groups, a multifaceted selection of performances and media art as well as samples of the great food available in Kontula. Excuisite Corpse is organised bt Diana Soria Hernandez Program (Most of the program will be for free.)

©  created by Tomasz Szrama

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