FNAF 4th Festival of Naked Forms in Prague 31.8–2.9.2018

Festival of Naked Forms /FNAF/ is a mono-thematic multi-genre festival with a predictable and yet inconceivable subject matter. The title alone reveals the aim of the various events and perhaps liberates us from being overly fixated on the topic. We can overcome our shame at home and then experience the other meanings that nudity may have in different contexts and interpretations. FNAF, which in its first three years took place in the space of Perla Divus in Vrané nad Vltavou, was specific in one thing - there were more men working with their nakedness than women. In the fourth year we would like to preserve the stereotype and we choose the topic of Naked female body. We feel the need to

The 24 hours long Putki Festival will be held at Fiskars Valimo from 18 August 3pm till 19 August 3p

The festival lasts for a total of 24 hours, during which performance works are presented by 20 artists or artists' groups and about 30 video works. It is 15 years since the festival was held in Fiskars in year 2003. Some of the artists presented at that Festival are invited again. There is a café in the area, where guests can enjoy salty and sweet meals, as well as coffee and tea. There is no admission fee! Welcome! More info in acebook event

©  created by Tomasz Szrama

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