LET’S TALK ABOUT PERFORMANCE! MUU Gallery 1.10.2018, at 6pm ​ ​​ ​

MUU organises a series of conversations on performance art, with the purpose of opening a discussion on performance art today, its various forms and approaches, artists and works, their relationship to the tradition of performance art and other art forms, ethical and social issues and current problems. Conversations on performance art -series continues with the third part Monday 1 October at 6pm in MUU Gallery and the host of the event will be Annette Arlander. This time the guest is performance artist Tomasz Szrama and the topic of discussion will be related to his specific mode of involving audiences in participatory actions, which he calls Social encounters of despair. He explains: Ch

#NASUTI Festival 21–22 September Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava, Slovakia

The two-days festival will take place at the premises of Nová Cvernovka. The program will consist of artistic outputs (installations, talks, performances) and educational part (lectures, discussions, workshops, close-reading groups etc.). It will also create a platform for individual presentations of NGO’s, initiatives and creative individuals operating in the field of art, culture, ecology and sustainability. The festival aims to raise public awareness of the waste management problem (in general) through attractive art and educational program. Our goal is to help raise funds for a very specific cause: to solve the waste crisis of our creative and cultural centre Nová Cvernovka. Artist

©  created by Tomasz Szrama

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