Fade In-Invert-Fade Out

Five hours long outdoor performance at 24 Doors, Fiskars, Finland, 2004


Photos by Maria Kuusniemi-Szrama


It was yet another short Scandinavian winter day. In the early morning, before the sunrise, I started to furnish a little street corner of the artists’ village called Fiskars. Whilst enjoying a hot cup of milk and waiting for potential guests to stop by, I decided to reverse the colours of all of my surroundings into respective negatives. I was still sitting there, this time with a hot cup of black coffee & booze, awaiting someone to show up when the darkness fell. Nobody showed up.

Fade in-Invert-Fade out

©  created by Tomasz Szrama

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"Fade in-Invert-Fade out" by Tomasz Szrama, 24 Doors, Fiskars 2004. Photo Maria Kuusniemi-Szrama