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I was kindly invited by TEAK students to take part in LAPSODY 2017

Join us from 24–27 of May 2017!


The Live Art and Performance Studies Programme of the University of the Arts, Helsinki (FI) invites you to the 6th International Festival and Conference at the Theatre Academy Helsinki

LAPSody 2017 – THE BUBBLE.

For this year’s edition of LAPSody, we invite experts and contributors from all fields to join The Bubble. Come explore the political, social, philosophical and performative potential of the bubble as a discursive and physical phenomenon.

Most of the time, bubbles are not kindly regarded in these days. They are associated with many of our current world’s issues: social injustice, a lack of solidarity, rising prices, polluted water, the election of Donald Trump. Our world bubbles, the earth is a bubble – and how about crisis?

However, there is the aesthetic and life-preserving potential of the bubble: it is an equally rich metaphor for isolation and ignorance as it is for nurturance, safety and protection, and even more so for perfection and effervescence. A multitude of bubbles might merge, expand, form a foam, or collide, burst and disappear.


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