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#NASUTI Festival 21–22 September Nová Cvernovka, Bratislava, Slovakia

The two-days festival will take place at the premises of Nová Cvernovka. The program will consist of artistic outputs (installations, talks, performances) and educational part (lectures, discussions, workshops, close-reading groups etc.). It will also create a platform for individual presentations of NGO’s, initiatives and creative individuals operating in the field of art, culture, ecology and sustainability. The festival aims to raise public awareness of the waste management problem (in general) through attractive art and educational program. Our goal is to help raise funds for a very specific cause: to solve the waste crisis of our creative and cultural centre Nová Cvernovka. Artists and creatives (visual artists together with architects, designers, performance artists etc.) are invited to work with (or on) the pile of debris. The construction waste, which has currently no purpose, will serve as an art material for objects, sculptures or installations, environments or performance scenes. Tomasz Szrama (PL-FIN)

Mads Floor Andersen (DK)

Lucia Luptáková (SK-NL)

Lubo Mikle (SK)

Polonca Lovšin (SI)

Andrea Ďurianová (SK)

Illah van Oijen (SK)

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