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Pequeño Evento de Performance Art in ABM Confecciones on 19.1. 2019 at 8.30pm All more than welcome

Pequeño Evento de Performance Art/Small Event of Performance Art

ABM Confecciones, C/ Encarnación González Nº8 Bajo, 28053 Madrid, Spain

Saturday, 19 January 2019, 20:30-22:30

Free admission

Participating artists:

TOMASZ SZRAMA SUSANA SK PACO JUSTICIA LUCÍA MERCHÁN P.E.P.A. is a new performance event in Madrid that arises from the initiative of the performance artist Analía Beltrán i Janés. PEPA aims to cover the need of Madrid for performance events in small, self-managed spaces that have continuity over time. It is a "non-profit" event; therefore it does not receive any funding. It is a meeting place for action art that is open to the participation of artists of all ages and nationalities.

More information:

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