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Helinä Hukkataival & Inari Virmakoski SIERRA MADRE- photos and performances at LONGA 29.10–21.11.21

In November, Gallery Longa & Fönari will celebrate 80th anniversary of still actively working performance artist Inari Virmakoski.

Inari has invited his artist friends to a joint exhibition and performance event.

Opening on Friday 29.1021 at 5pm, Tomasz Szrama's performance at 6pm

The exhibition features photographs of the indigenous Santa Semana celebrations in Raramuri, which coincided with the Performancear O’morir performance event in Norogachi in 2017.

The performance events feature artists from Norogachi in the spirit of Performancear O’morir.

On Sunday 31.10 Roi Vaara at 4pm

Performance day on Saturday, November 20, 21 at 1pm Mikko Ijäs, Inari Virmakoski, Diana Soria Hernandes and Helinä Hukkataival

We warmly welcome you to celebrate with us.

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