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STREIFEN 2022 – Performance Exhibition in Görlitz/Zgorzelec

Berliner Str. 44 1–9.10.2022 at 11am–5pm

As part of the STRE!FEN festival, from the May inauguration, the public space of the Europacity of Zgorzelec-Görlitz was enlivened by numerous and diverse artistic activities with the participation of an international group of performers. In the first week of October, STRE!FEN invites you to an exhibition summarizing these very fruitful months, which will take place from 1 to 9 October.

Photos, videos as well as objects and materials from individual artistic actions will create an exhibition that will not only present individual activities, but will also constitute an independent space presenting a variety of concepts and creative implementations. It will also be a space for meetings and conversations.

The program accompanying the exhibition also includes, of course, live activities, performance actions, a screening of a film awarded at numerous festivals, and meetings with artists.

The STRE!FEN festival, held in our unique European city, presents a rich program of international performance art, and is one of the largest and most active events of this type in both Poland and Germany.


Exhibition: October 1 – 9, 2022 / Opening hours: 11.00 – 17.00 / Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Vernissage: October 1 / 7 p.m. 18.00 / performance: Collective of Women of Wrocław

Movie night: October 2 / 7 p.m. 19:30 / "Performer", a film about the Polish artist Oskar Dawicki / duration: approx. 70 min / admission: 5 €

Performance: October 3 / 11 am / Location: Marienplatz Görlitz / "Please push me" – performance by Sebastian Hänel

Closing: October 9 / 11.00 - 13.00 / from 11.00 brunch & artist talk

Stre!fengrouppa – "WE ARE CLOSING", 14.00

All listed events (except movie night) are free

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