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Welcome to the Kiilan Äänipäivät 2023!

Kiilan Äänipäivät in Kiila, Kemiö, Finland

8.7.2023 at 3 pm

Music / performace:

Rebecca Lane (DE) solo

Tomasz Szrama (PO/FI) solo

Stefan Thut (CH) / Rasmus Östling, Antti Tolvi

Pauliina Hulkko & Porukat (FI) / Esa Kirkkopelto, Juho Laitinen, Laura Naukkarinen

Olli Aarni (FI) solo

We start 15:00 and program will end about 21:00. After that, sauna.

Main/starting place is Westers cafe/garden Suomenkulmantie 1255 25760 Kiila, Kemiö Island, Finland

Many concerts happens outside, so consider this how to get dressed.

We start at around village, and move slowly towards Kiilojen talo where last shows happen.

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