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Dancing in the Rain, Tears and the Sweat of my Brow

Performance at Global Art Together, Face to Face 2 curated by Gim Gwang Cheol in 518 Democracy Square, Gwangju, Korea in 2019

With support from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland TAIKE (three-years artist grant 2018–2020)

Photos by Kang Cheol, Lee Jin Gi, Kwon Young ll

​In 1980, military forces suppressed the Gwangju Uprising against the general and leader of the military coup in Korea. Hundreds of civilians and several soldiers died. 

In 1981, a Polish general organized a coup by proclaiming martial law which drastically restricted normal life in my country. Thousands of activists were jailed without charge and many were killed. I was eleven at the time. 


The event’s venue on May 18 Democracy Square in Gwangju where I performed, naturally brought back good and bad memories of my childhood. The caption was born: ‘Dancing in the Rain, Blood, Tears and the Sweat of my Brow’. However, I decided not to go the easy way and cross out the word "blood".

The unpredictable weather and an accident during my performance had fully materialised the original title. My shirt was soaked with blood, sweat and rain which made it hard to see the tears.

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