Video made at home
Selected performances for the video camera recorded in my apartments or nearby.

No Panic

Performance by Tomasz Szrama at empty GRACE EXHIBITION SPACE, New York City 2020  
Video: Amelia Grabowska. 

Supported by The Finnish Cultural Foundation and Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike)


Make Yourself at Home

Performed and recorded by Tomasz Szrama at home in summer/fall 2019,

during the year of support by Arts Promotion Centre Finland (TAIKE).



Meeting people and increasing their involvement became my goal even more important than the great need to be understood.

Performance featured by Ma Yongjin 马永进 recorded near my residency in Tibetan Plateau, China 青藏高原 中国 2018.

Video by Gao Youan 高元  and Zhang Kai 章凯 
Produced by Xining Contemporary 出品 西宁当代.
Big thanks to assistant Le Le 乐乐 as well as Chun jian 纯碱 Jia Yu 贾煜

Supported by Frame Contemporary Art Finland and Arts Promotion Centre Finland (TAIKE)


Artist Talk for Two Cameras

Performed and recorded at home by Tomasz Szrama for the "One Minute With A Ball Gag" project commissioned and distributed by ICE HOLE - Online Live Art Journal, Issue 8. Product of Reality Research Center, Helsinki, Finland, 2018.

(alternative editing/full performance)

3' 3" older

Performed and recorded by Tomasz Szrama from 8–8.03 am at the HIAP office

Camera and coffee:Heidi Kilpeläinen


Helsinki, 2015


Performed and recorded at home by Tomasz Szrama for the "One minute with a BANANA" project commissioned and distributed by ICE HOLE - Online Live Art Journal, Issue 1, Helsinki 2014


Give me the Light

Performed by Tomasz Szrama and Liina Kuittinen.

Video by Tomasz Sz

Helsinki 2012


Snow White

Performance recorded outside of my apartment in Helsinki 2009. 


Performance and video by Tomasz Szrama



Performance recorded at home in Helsinki in 2007.

Performance and video Tomasz Szrama

2nd camera and hair dryer Maria Kuusniemi Szrama

Background music "Whisper Tree" by Keramick & Lobo

Cultural Pages

Performance by Tomasz Szrama in collaboration with Maria-Kuusniemi Szrama and the dog Boruta Ovidius. Performed in the apartment and nearby  in Helsinki, Finland 2007.

Video Tomasz Szrama

Camera Maria Kuusniemi and Tomasz Szrama

Music  Fryderyk Chopin  Nocturne in E-flat major, Op. 9, No. 2  played by Daniel Barenboim

©  created by Tomasz Szrama

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