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Event Performance Anti Instrumental organized by Milton Zayas in Galería Principal del Teatro José Peón Contreras, Mérida, México, 2019

With support from the Finnish Cultural Foundation SKR (mobility grant) and Arts Promotion Centre Finland TAIKE (three-years artist grant 2018–2020)

I succeeded into tempting  the  viewers into committing a crime to steal a potted palm  from a nearby terrace. The police caught us immediately. While the audience tried to explain our actions to the officer, as if during a confession, propelled by my ignorance of spanish,  I had time to reflect on my life.

I wanted to amaze the world. I intended to travel and take control over the landscape, but I got lost in the grandeur of my vision. I aspired to influence my environment, but it seems this environment has been changing me.  Over time, I have gained experience and have learned that life experiences end with the last one, and as such,  I will not survive.

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