Event Performance Anti Instrumental organized by Milton Zayas in Galería Principal del Teatro José Peón Contreras, Mérida, México, 2019

With support from the Finnish Cultural Foundation SKR (mobility grant) and Arts Promotion Centre Finland TAIKE (three-years artist grant 2018–2020)

I tried to lure my audience into committing a crime. I asked them to steal a potted palm tree from a nearby terrace, but the Police almost immediately caught us in the act. Whilst the onlookers were trying to explain my pretence to the investigating officer, in an alien language I did not speak, I had time to examine my conscience and briefly reflect on my life. 


In the earlier stages of my life, I wanted to amaze the world. The idea was to travel and take control over the foreign landscapes, but I got swallowed by them instead as for, the scale of my problems turned out to be too small. Police confiscated my palm and I had nothing to fly over. I aspired to influence my surroundings but it seems that my surroundings have changed me instead. At last, I have become more experienced. However, no matter how many experiences I will live through, it will still not help me to survive the final one.

©  created by Tomasz Szrama

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