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I will create one action for one work during the inaugural evening of One Work Only in Khartoum Cont

A Forum - a word that in ancient Latin designated an open square in which all the matters of common interest were publicly debated - is by definition a space for discussion and, therefore, it should always be Open for ideas and people to flow through it freely, enriching themselves and the public discussing it with this very vibrant movement. If the Forum gets closed, the necessity to ReOpen it arises. In this spirit, we wish to invite the Oslo public to Khartoum Contemporary Art Center to join the celebrations for this new season of Open Forum, a space for discussion where the public of Oslo can gather in a warm and welcoming environment to join lively discussions, listen to interesting speakers and contribute to give life to a new crossroad of words, ideas and art. We will discuss the past, present and future of this format, giving you an overview of what Open Forum and One Night Only were for Oslo and what it can be now. For the occasion, we will also inaugurate the periodic show One Work Only, an exhibition that seeks to create a dynamic and stimulating debate between artworks by local artists and the specific theme that will be discussed every two weeks, reflecting on what art can say and how a visual piece can contribute to a debate, displaying only one, powerful, piece per event. Join us for the exhibition, the talks and especially the party after it, with live music, free soup and cheap beer served throughout the night!

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