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OUT OF NOWHERE Visual Art Opening, 15.3.2019 at 7pm DFBRL8R Gallery at Zhou B Art Center, Chicago

Out of Nowhere is about artists who harness the unexpected; conjuring magical moments from thin air. The artists in this exhibition have in common their use of everyday objects and their skillful manoeuvres to transcend the quotidian. Improvisation, participation, risk, and all things unexpected come together.

Tomasz Szrama and Gabi Longega are Defibrillator’s inaugural Performance Artists In Residence [PAIR]. The PAIR Program invites national or international artists to spend three weeks in the historic Bridgeport neighborhood of Chicago to make and show artwork and engage with the community. Focusing on performance art practices, visiting artists are asked to present live performance art in a shared program; exhibit visual art as part of Zhou B Art Center’s popular FRI3RD; and interact with the community through a workshop, artist talk, discussion, screening, or collaboration.

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