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40 years International Performance Art Archive 30.9–30.10.2021 in Cologne

One month of experimental work "h an d e l n" (hybrid)

On the occasion of its 40ths anniversary, the International Performance Archive presents the hybrid Performance Meeting "One Month of Experimental Work – h an de ln" (30 September–31 October 2021).

40 years ago the artists' meeting KONZIL ended in Stuttgart. From 1 to 30 September 1981, more than 70 artists came together in the Künstlerhaus Stuttgart to live, work, initiate and reflect on processes. The International Performance Archive DIE SCHWARZE LADE | BLACK KIT emerged from it. Constantly growing, it contains thousands of documents, relics, photographs and materials from the international performance scene.

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, the International Performance Art Archive is picking up the threads of the KONZIL again; but it is not calling out another one. Some things cannot be repeated. From 30 September on, the hybrid performance meeting “One Month of Experimental Work – h an de ln" takes place in Cologne and online!

Artists: Elisa Andessner, Enrica Arbia, Zhou Bin, Lucia Bricco, Chakkrit & Pattree Chimnok, Daisuke Takeya, Boyet de Mesa, Alexander Del Re, Alice de Visscher, Andriy Helytovych, Chen Jin, Anette Friedrich Johannessen, Sandra Johnston, Antoni Karwowski, Monica Klingler, Jason Lim, Helge Meyer, Miná Minov, Boris Nieslony, Sunny Pfalzer, Monika Günther & Ruedi Schill, Samuil Stoyanov, Tomasz Szrama, Thomas Wells, Yadanar Win & many more

Programme Every day during the month of October, international performance artists will present their work online or work on site in Cologne. Lectures, meetings, talks and discussions complement the 31-day programme. More information:

The projects and activities surrounding the 40ths anniversary could have not been brought into life without the kind support of: Stiftungs Kunstfonds – NEUSTART KULTUR, Kunststiftung NRW, Stadt Köln, Deubner Stiftung

Invited artists to Cologne:

First Phase: 6.-11. Oktober Tomas Szrama Alice de Visscher Andriy Helytovych Enrica Arbia Second Phase: 20.- 25. Oktober Lucia Bricco Monica Klingler Sunny Pfalzer Antoni Karwowski Emma Brennan

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