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ArTrend presents: In Love with Poetry IV –Performance Art Presentation & Workshop @ Tainan, Taiwan

2-day Live Performance Art Festival in Tainan

Saturday 11 Feb 2.30pm–5.30pm (presentations by workshop students)

6.30–9.30 (performances by festival's artists)

Venue: Yuguang Island, Anping (Rain Plan: Mobaer Space 182)

Sunday 12 Feb 10.30am–6pm (12am–1.30pm Lunch Break)

Venue: Yuguang Island, Anping (Rain Plan: Mobaer Space 182)

14 Artists:

Tomasz Szrama (Poland/Finland)

Graciela Ovejero Postigo (Argentina/U.S.)

Yeonjeong (South Korea)

Siao-Chi Chen (Taiwan)

Craphone Liu (Taiwan)

Min-Ju Lee (Taiwan)

Nick Kan (Taiwan)

Huang, Yen-Chao (Taiwan)

Yeh Tzu-Chi (Taiwan)

Wu Shu-mien (Taiwan)

Yu Chung- I (Taiwan)

Adaw Palaf Langasan (Taiwan)

Hsu Min-Szu (Taiwan)

Chang Ting-Yung (Taiwan)

Event venue and time may be slightly adjusted according to actual situation. Please stay tuned to FB page ‘s announcement. No registration needed for live performance.

Two-day performance art workshop by Tomasz Szrama

Thursday–Friday 9–10 Feb 2.30–6.30pm

Presentation of students on Saturday 11 Feb 2.30pm–5.30pm

Venue: Mobaer Space 182 artspace

Festival curated by Yeh Tzu-Chi

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