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Offside #1 in Vaasa-Opening & Performance Festival

21.5.2022. 4 pm–11 pm


Offside # 1 opens on May 21 2022. The opening day of the exhibition is a combined performance festival and an art opening, The space that is used for the exhibition is an old furniture shop covering two floors with a total space of 1200 m2. The exhibition includes the works of a mixed group of active contemporary international artists. The works presented constitute a wide variety of materials and techniques such as paintings, sculptures, installations and video art.

Following artists or artist groups present their works in the offside #1 exhibition: Susanne Schär & Peter Spillmann (CH), Oskar Lindström (FIN/GER), Albert Braun (GER/FIN), Florian Tuercke (GER), John Court (GB/FIN), finnfemfel (FIN/GER), Bekim Hasaj (ALB/FIN), Valentina Gelain (ITA/FIN), Mattias Löfqvist (FIN), Janika Norrgård Löfqvist (FIN), Tomasz Szrama (POL/FIN), Marek Waldemar Pluciennik (POL/CAN), Carina Ahlskog (FIN), Anneli Holmström (FIN/GB-SCT), Matilda Enegren (FIN), Moa Cederberg (FIN), Michele Uccheddu (ITA/FIN), Marcus Lerviks (FIN), Dan Holm (FIN)

For more information please send an e-mail to offside(a)

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