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PAWA Performance Art evening at RAMP Gallery in Kirikiriroa/Hamilton New Zealand

27th October 2023 at 5 pm

Performance Art Week Aotearoa (PAWA) is returning to Aotearoa this spring! Touring Aotearoa, their first stop is Ramp Gallery. PAWA will be presenting enormousface aka Kalan Shh!(Cascadia/NYC), Tomasz Szrama (Poland/Finland) and Leafa Wilson/Olga Krause (New Zealand/Samoa).

The performance evening will showcase works that are challenging, engaging, and meaningful, an evening full of unique experiences. Due to the nature of the artform, artists and the public should expect the unexpected!

Curated by Sara Cowdell

We are very lucky to have a line-up of internationally acclaimed artists, both international and local who will be presenting work.

Kalan Shh! is a puppeteer and a performance artist who has been described by New York Magazine as “NYC’s Most Avant-Garde Nihilist Subway Performer”, Kalan shh!’s work is unlike anything you would’ve seen before.

Tomasz Szrama is one of the most prolific performance artists in the world, and primarily works with his surroundings and audiences to create chaotic and meaningful performances “My art is in a constant flux between sincerity, humour and complete despair. I am frantically trying to capture the essence of a situation, a state of mind.” - Tomasz Szrama.

Leafa Wilson/Olga Krause is a performance artist and curator who plays with identity performing as ‘Olga Krause’ her german birth name. Leafa Wilson works with the subtle energies and contexts of a situation to deeply enthral audiences.

ABOUT PAWA: Performance Art Week Aotearoa (PAWA) is the leading platform for performance art in New Zealand, running events year round and hosting a biannual festival in November. PAWA has produced three festivals prior to 2023 and five stand-alone events over the past six years, alongside publishing a blog about performance art. PAWA brings together a wide variety of performance artists from around Aotearoa New Zealand and the world with the intent to stimulate critical discourse, broaden audiences, and strengthen artistic and collaborative ties.

*Image: This ain't no disco - Leafa Wilson performance - Physics Room 2017-min - Leafa Wilson

Learn more about our artists here:

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