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SCARECROW -(half a century here)

Outdoor performance in front of the Parliament building on Friday 18 September at 17pm

The analog large format photography by Jan Ahlstedt.

I am still here

I do not have any fixed views. I do not believe in any system, or any absolute truth. The world is evolving. Cosmos expands.

As I age, I have more doubts.

My art is in a constant flux between sincerity, humor and complete despair. I am frantically trying to capture the essence of a situation, a state of mind. My performances are a forum, a space in time for interaction with the audience. I hope that in my desperate gestures viewers will find for themselves something meaningful, even transcendent. I still naively believe, that anyone can create a phenomenon on a cosmic scale and I feel it will be a meaningless sacrifice of an insignificant man.

I am fine and I’m scared to death

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