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'STATE MOVES' Tomasz Szrama & John Court

Polish/Finnish TOMASZ SZRAMA creates together with the audience intense actions trying to grasp the essence of momentum.

British/Finnish JOHN COURT is a duration performance artist and he considers time a significant element of his performances.

Now they join forces as the ‘STATE MOVES’ project, which this time will take the form of a performance art tour in South America.

Szrama and Court are first and foremost artists and they want to create performances. Their work is

inextricably linked with their person and lasts as long as its creative process. Despite the fact that their actions are ephemeral after which there are few physical traces left, they strongly resonate in the memories of participants and viewers alike. The only way to advance their artistic career is through regular live performing. Their 'State Moves' is a platform for them to perform a series of unique art action projects and perhaps take others on board to explore this demanding discipline. The aim is to develop and present each time a new work embedded in a given site and context.

Court and Szrama and Court are foreigners with 25 years of experience in practicing, teaching and organising live art events in Finland, therefore their presence in foreign art centres and exchange of ideas in form of

workshops and lectures can make a great contribution and influence to the local artist community.

Thanks to Arts Promotion Centre Finland TAIKE and the Finnish Cultural Foundation SKR for their support of the project.

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