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Postcard from the Happiest Country in the World

Performance in Kontula Shopping Centre, 4 performances (Analco Project) curated by Diana Soria Hernadez, in  the frame of Kontula Electronic, Helsinki, Finland, 2018

With support from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland TAIKE (three-years artist grant 2018–2020)

Photos by Jarno Rautio and Luisa Staulino

I am sending you a message on the postcard from paradise, hidden in a recycled bottle drifting through the reverse vending machine: 

... _ _ _ ...   0415345015 Please call me!

I was born in Poland in 1970. I lived through the martial law in the period between 1981 and 1983, watched the collapse of the totalitarian system in 1989 and survived the flood of the millennium in 1997 which robbed me of all of my worldly possessions.
It was in that very same year when I decided to settle down in the land inhabited by the happiest nation, located on the far edge of the world.
Will I ever belong to this Wonderland? Perhaps the complexion of my heart and genes are slightly too dark? “The Book” says that ‘You Will Know Them by Their Fruits’.
But, can I bear any fruit being uprooted?

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