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Performance at A present Heritage curated by Egle  Oddo as part of Biennial of Mediterranean Archipelago, Palazzo Sambuca, Palermo, Italy, 2019


With support from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland TAIKE (three-years artist grant 2018–2020)

Photos by Angela Maria Benivegna (except the photo 26 by Shinji Kanki)

Excerpt from the review in Italian in INSIDEART by Lori Adragna:


"We can speak of composition, a perfect counterpoint to the sound one of Shinji Kanki, with the visual one of Tomasz Szrama, who involved the audience in a choral production for his Testament. The work is striking for the lightness and irony with which the gesture is performed, which is combined with the depth and intensity of the narrative content, as well as the final result of the performance: an installation composed of residues and rubble of great evocative, conceptual power and aesthetic. The objects were presented by the performer, destroyed, convoluted and then evolved, through a new spatial grammar, a post-modern material narrative that expresses the Western impulses of destruction, order and reconstruction, through a tightrope walk between things,  their function and representation."

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