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Where Are You Darling?

Performance at 7th Burnt of Snow -Performance Art Festival, curated by Cai Qing  in Xilamuren, Inner Mongolia, China, 2020


With support from  the Finnish Cultural Foundation SKR and the Arts Promotion Centre Finland TAIKE (three-years artist grant 2018–2020)

Photos by Snežana Golubović, Tomaš Ruller, Miss Re 冬梅, Teruyuki Tanaka, Vasan Sitthiket


Two artists and lovers braided each other’s hair for sixteen hours plus one final hour open for public. After some time passed, they walked from different ends of the Chinese Great Wall to meet in the middle, break up and split ways forever. 
I am in China now. Tethered to the white horse, I bow to the endless steppes of Inner Mongolia.
What am I doing here?
Where do I come from? 
Where are you my darling?

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