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[Deadly] Wounded Art Sneaks Into A Gallery

Performance at Nasuti Art Festival, Jozef Kollár Gallery, Banská Štiavnica, Slovakia 2022

With support from the Arts Promotion Centre Finland TAIKE (working grant for year 2022)

Photos by Lukas Roharik

Shielded by plants found in the hotel, I crawled from my apartment to the gallery.

[In Kurosawa's Throne of Blood the evil spirit tells Washizu that he will not be defeated in battle until "the trees of the Spider's Web Forest rise against the castle". Washizu believes this is impossible and becomes confident of his victory.

Later Washizu is told by a panicked soldier that the trees of Spider's Web Forest "have risen to attack us".
Washizu tries to muster his troops, but they ignore his commands and begin firing arrows at him. When he tells them that to kill their lord is treason, they accuse Washizu of the murder of his predecessor. With his enemies approaching the castle gates, he falls to his arrow wounds, trying to draw his sword as he dies. It is then revealed that the attacking force had used trees, cut from the forest during the night, to shield their advance onto the castle.]

In the apartment the wild nature turns into a potted plant.

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